My Dublin guide


I fell in love with Ireland (I kind of already knew before going that I would). I don’t know why but I have this thing for northern countries. As much as I love summery places, I am WAY more attracted to the north. There’s nothing I love more than stormy skies, wild cliffs and windy days exploring uninhabited coasts.

I guess I got it from my parents. When my sister and I were young we’d always tease my parents about the fact that they almost never go to the beach. They took us to some of the most awesome places where it was cold and windy – back then I was a little bit jealous of my friends who’d go to the beach instead, but now I get it. Ireland made my heart melt. It felt like home.

Here’s a little guide with the things that my friends and I did. I’m not saying that these restaurants and bars are the best in town – they’re just the ones I enjoyed going to. Hope you guys will like it :)



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The perfect backpack

As you guys might remember from this post that I did a little while ago, Taft and LIEBESKIND Berlin are currently having a massive summer giveaway called  WIN YOUR BAG, where you can win a handbag every day until October 14th. For that you can find a winning code on every Taft product, available at all major retailers.

win the perfect backpack

Next to that, I was also given one extra bag that I can send to one of you guys! It’s a backpack exactly like the one I’m wearing in these pictures. Perfect for school, for traveling, for a weekend away with your friends. Could be yours! All you have to do if you’d like to win it is send me an email ( telling me how you’d style it :) (unfortunately the giveaway is only open to my swiss readers, I’m sorry guys!) 

Good luck guys, love you all lots! x


dress Tularosa via Revolve – boots Balenciaga (kind of budget) – sunglasses Marc Jacobs (budget) –  backpack LIEBESKIND Berlin


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5 tips for a good night’s sleep

When I was little I remember that I sometimes had LOTS of trouble falling asleep. My mind would be running wild just before going to bed and I would need hours to finally be able to sleep… Luckily for me, these days I fall asleep quite easily (ask Luca, he always has to watch the end of the episode alone) – usually as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m asleep.

I know that falling asleep is a problem for many people and I also feel like it’s really important to sleep well if you wanna have a balanced life. That’s why I thought it might be useful for some of you to share some of the little things that I do before going to bed – I think that having some rituals can make it easier to be relaxed and sleep well :)


The evening tidy up is something that Luca taught me and ever since I cannot live without it! Every evening I take a few minutes to tidy up my room and it relaxes me SO MUCH! Also, I find that making a to-do list with everything you’ll have to do the following day helps having a more peaceful mind before going to bed. Everything is written on the paper so you don’t need to remember it yourself!

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