5 tips for a good night’s sleep

When I was little I remember that I sometimes had LOTS of trouble falling asleep. My mind would be running wild just before going to bed and I would need hours to finally be able to sleep… Luckily for me, these days I fall asleep quite easily (ask Luca, he always has to watch the end of the episode alone) – usually as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m asleep.

I know that falling asleep is a problem for many people and I also feel like it’s really important to sleep well if you wanna have a balanced life. That’s why I thought it might be useful for some of you to share some of the little things that I do before going to bed – I think that having some rituals can make it easier to be relaxed and sleep well :)


The evening tidy up is something that Luca taught me and ever since I cannot live without it! Every evening I take a few minutes to tidy up my room and it relaxes me SO MUCH! Also, I find that making a to-do list with everything you’ll have to do the following day helps having a more peaceful mind before going to bed. Everything is written on the paper so you don’t need to remember it yourself!

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Summer in Italy

This is the last series of pictures from my sunny summer holidays. A part of me is longing sand and sun again (I’ve been dreaming of Tulum lately), but strangely another part (the evil twin) is already looking forward to autumn. I’m neither a winter girl nor a summer girl. I’m an autumn girl. Nothing gets me more excited than sweater weather, a hot cup of tea, and fallen leaves.

Anyway. I hope that you guys will enjoy these few images and I wish you all a gorgeous day! Lots of love.


jumpsuit S. Oliver via Zalando – bag vintage Louis Vuitton (similar) – sandals The Meraki Company – hat & Other Stories (similar)


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Free spirit

I just wanted to make a quick post about my new hair – I got quite a lot of emails asking me where I went to the hairdressers, if I knew a good place to go in Switzerland, etc, and well honestly for quite a long time I did not. I’ve never been 100% happy about the hairdressers I went to, tried lots of different ones but it was never perfect.

I’ve been working with Redken for a little while now and they recently introduced me to a hairdresser in Lausanne that I absolutely fell in love with. Here is their website in case you’re interested! They use Redken products (I really really love this brand) and the service was just perfect.

As you can see I went for lighter, almost white hair and I really love it. I have a super fair complexion, very light and thin eyebrows – and it all makes way more sense now that my hair is lighter. What do you guys think? x


jumpsuit Topshop via Zalando – sunglasses Ray Ban


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  • i read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child as soon as i got my hands on it and i loved it so much! J.K. Rowling and Jack Thorne managed to write a beautiful 8th story - i wasn't so sure about it when i first heard about the project but it's actually so good! it's perfect. beautiful and moving and it makes so much sense ❤️ if you love Harry Potter i highly recommend it :)