Sud Express coat / Zara boots / Levi's jeans / Lacoste handbag Good morning guys (or should I say afternoon..?) I hope you are all having a great end of the week. I definitely am as you can guess and today I wanted to quickly share with you all our first impressions from a very cold and frozen New York City. We arrived yesterday night and seeing the whole town covered with snow was so magical and beautiful!

As you can see I was all tired and sleepy due to the almost 9 hours long flight, desperately trying to keep my fingers warm with a cup of hot tea... Not the most glamorous way to explore New York City but I promise the next outfits will be better ;)

So well, for our first hours in town we decided to walk a little around Central Park and then headed down on Fifth Avenue for some early window shopping (I know, I know, but isn't New York the official, international shopping temple?!), ending up at our (or at least my) absolute favorite place in the city: Magnolia Bakery! I could definitely not have imagined our first night in the big apple without one of their delicious cupcakes ;) even went to get my nails done after that, I am now officially and completely Fashion Week ready! So excited for the upcoming couple of days, of course I'll be keeping you updated! Have a beautiful day you guys