Jacket, skirt, sweater, sneakers, bag and sunnies from Lacoste SS14 main collection As you may or may not know, René Lacoste himself was above all a tennis player. And guess what... So was I! Hu-hu ;) I've played tennis for almost ten years and I used to absolutely LOVE it. I loved the atmosphere on the court, and the thrill of the sport but what I loved more than anything about it (and I'm not even ashamed of telling this ;)) was that I got to do sports while wearing pretty dresses and skirts. I know it really does sound cliché but you gotta admit it: tennis is one of the only sports where girls get to wear cute clothes and be feminine.. Am I wrong? I don't know all of the sports on earth and I'm sure tennis is not a unique in this field but still, the dressing part was what I enjoyed most as a tennis player.

I used to spend all of my Christmas money on tennis clothes, buying every single one of Maria Sharapova's outfits so that I could wear them to my tennis lessons and matches (yes, I even did competition ;) talk about a real pro, ha-ha) Getting to the point here: when I spotted this skirt at the Lacoste store the other day, I knew I had to try it on and create something around it. I love how they mix fashion and sport at Lacoste, I've always loved sporty looks and inspirations and creating something fashion forward with this cute tennis skirt was such a fun challenge for me!

I decided to pair it to this beautiful (men) bomber jacket I also wore to the Lacoste SS14 show and added a simple white bag and some sunnies to dress it up. The sneakers were an absolute must because well... It's kind of comfortable and these ones look pretty damn good, don't you agree? We shot this look in Central Park as you can see, it was 9 a.m. and I was freezing to death but it was lots of fun! Love how the contrast between those summery clothes and the snowy lanes of the Park turned out in the pictures. I hope you guys will like this second look (here's the first one in case you missed it) and I'll see you tomorrow with our last Lacoste look! Have a great day til then 

Pictures by Luca Tornese