Cardigan, T-shirt, pants, sneakers, bag and watch from Lacoste SS14 main collection 


Here we are guys, this is the final look we shot for Lacoste during NYFW! This is in my opinion the sportiest look of all three, and yet I think some of these pieces would look great in some fancier looks as well. See what I mean? Take the pants for example. To me they look more like sport pants in this outfit but now imagine them with a fancy embellished sweater, their bottom rolled up maybe, and a nice pair of pumps. Completely different right? This is another thing I like about Lacoste – how versatile and changeable their clothes are.

We shot this look in the West Village, my absolute favorite area in the city! I love everything there, from the old brick buildings to the tiny, cozy coffee places we rush in from time to time… From the closeness of the beautiful pier, to the walking distance to the more vibrant SoHo and Meatpacking District. The Village is like THE place I’d like to live in you know… I can totally picture myself wearing these comfy clothes on my way to get some coffee and breakfast on a mild Sunday morning, see what I mean? La dolce vita amercian style, basically. I just love it.

So this is it, this is our last Lacoste look (find look one and look two right here). I’d like to quickly say thank you to everyone who worked on this project and helped make it come to life, we had so much fun shooting such an iconic and legendary brand in the streets of New York! Even though I am usually more of a fancy kind of girl I really do like Lacoste’s classy and simple designs, I love how you can dress them up or down and how they remain feminine despite their coziness! I can only advise you all to go check their SS14 collection in stores by yourselves, I’m pretty sure everyone could find their dream piece in the selection ;) the current Fashion Show collection is also pretty amazing… Just sayin! Wishing you all a beautiful day guys, and see you soon with some regular outfit posts 

Pictures by Luca Tornese