Zara jeans / Calvin Klein jacket / Love sweater / Zara boots / Saint Laurent bag Here’s another sale score I made this season: this pair of perfectly ripped, beautiful blue jeans I found at Zara for literally nothing. I usually prefer getting pants from brands that make pants (you know Levi’s, Diesel and all that stuff) because well… I don’t know. It’s pretty important for me to feel good in the pants I wear and I always assumed that the ones from Levis would be better than the ones from Zara you see, just like Jimmy Choo would be better at doing shoes that X or Y that do not necessarily make shoes in the first place. See what I mean?

However when I stumbled across these the price tag was so low that I had to try them on (not to mention that I had spent sooo much time looking for the perfect pair of ripped jeans during the past few weeks! That and leather pants. Yup, still looking for these…) and they turned out to be amazing! To be honest they are slightly less elastic than the pants I usually like to wear but it’s really not a problem. They made me even crazier about statement pants and I’m already looking for some new ones ;)

This weekend we’re up for some fun, that is to say we’re going to be shooting for some exciting new projects I’m looking forward to share with you all! I was so bummed because we had almost planned on going to Paris over the weekend for Fashion Week but it was so last minute that all the trains were fully booked :( Hopefully we’ll get to go next season! And who knows maybe even sooner, I’m finding myself craving a little parisian weekend right now! It would just be the perfect way to kick off spring, wouldn’t it? ;) Wishing you all an amazing Friday guys, cheers to the weekend! 

Pictures by Luca Tornese