Sandro coat / Zara booties / Levi's jeans / Zara beanie / Sandro sweater / Saint Laurent bagHere are some pictures we shot last week in beautiful Central Park. The Park has always been one of my favorite spots in the city because well, you know... it's pretty amazing. Since we usually travel to NYC during summertime, it was Luca's first time (and my second, went there for New Years Eve with some friends a few years back!) in a snowy New York City and seeing Central Park all covered up with snow was really something.

Even though it was FREEZING (guess you all see how the capital letters here are supposed to convey this super strong feeling of cold right?) well it was really worth getting cold because it was so so so pretty!! It's definitely cliché to put it that way but the park really did look like a wintery version of Wonderland, with its frozen lakes, snow on the trees and squirrels running around (so happy Luca managed to capture some by the way!! So cute)

And so as you can see I was wearing my newest (and current favorite ;)) bag from Saint Laurent. I've always been a fan of the brand and I've been loving it even more since they changed their overall image a few months ago! They decided to get rid of the "Yves" (which shocked so many people but was actually how the man himself first wanted to name his brand) and then turned into something a little more grunge, almost kind of dark and twisted right? Also I recently saw a beautiful and movie about Saint Laurent's life which really moved me (told you more about it in this post), so owning my very first Saint Laurent really means a lot to me. Hope you'll like the pictures guys and I wish you all a beautiful Sunday 

Pictures by Luca Tornese