American Apparel jacket / Gap jeans / Ash booties / Rebecca Minkoff Mini Hudson Motto bag / Céline sunnies / Zara top / Dior Tribal earrings

It's been almost two weeks since we shot these pictures and I remember that day as the first one where it really felt like spring! It always makes me so happy to see little flowers everywhere and to feel the sun on my skin again.... Guess I'm not the only one right? ;) Outfit wise, well I actually rediscovered this old jacket of mine (also got in in lila, remember?) and I can't seem to get tired of its timeless shape! So happy I decided to keep it during my last wardrobe cleanse ;)

On a more personal level, well first of all I hope that you guys had a beautiful weekend! Mine was filled with coffees with my friends, yummy meals and of course some work as well (which I am definitely not complaining about, love what I do so much!!) This week is also gonna be super full,  we have things planned literally every night until Friday...! It's gonna be so much fun.

This is it for today guys :) I hope you'll like these few shots and wish you all a wonderful start of the week! Don't forget to smile and focus on the positive things ;) Much love!! 

Pictures by Luca Tornese