I've been thinking about creating a new category for a while, a category in which I'd share some random thoughts you know, talk about things that matter to me and that are not necessarily fashion related... What do you think about this? I'd really love to get to discuss some subjects with you all, I'd love to hear your thoughts on these things and I'd also love us to get to know each other a little better.

Today I'd like to start with healthy eating... As you may know I recently became a vegetarian and I was so surprised and relieved to find out about all the possibilities we nowadays have as a veggie!

I basically figured out that I didn't need to eat any kind of animal to be healthy and to feel great, quite the opposite actually! I was a little afraid my body would  be too weak if I didn't eat any meat or fish anymore but I actually feel so much better...! Since I decided to stop meat completely I started being more careful about what nutriments my body needed and what things I needed to compensate on, and I honestly feel so much better in my body now.

There are so many things that you can eat and that are so so so good for your health: they're called superfoods and among them are chia seeds, goji berries, seaweeds, honey.. I mean there are tons of them, they're so good and SO healthy! You guys should definitely look them up and pick some favorites to add to your daily eating routine :)

So this is just my idea, but I'd like to highlight the fact that I do respect people who think differently about this and that I don't blame people who eat meat (everyone in my circles does, even Luca) This is just my way of doing a tiny little thing for a better world and for a cause that I truly believe in, but I am in no instance criticizing or blaming anyone :)

Now I'd like to hear what you think of this guys! What is your relationship to food, how do you incorporate it in your lives? Are you (or were you ever) a vegetarian/vegan? How did you deal with it?

I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts and wish you all a super happy and healthy day! 

P.S: I really advise you guys to check out  The Whole Pantry for more info about how to adopt a healthier lifestyle and for tons of yummy, veggie recipes!