Zara jacket (stolen from Luca) / Levis jeans / Steve Madden booties / Rebecca Minkoff bag / Acne top / Dior earringsAs you’ve probably all noticed by now, I kind of have a tendency to sneak into my boyfriend’s closet (at night, when he’s asleep ;)) and steal some stuff from him. Despite what we may think, some men do actually have a great taste in clothes and I am so happy Luca does! It might be thanks to me though, I mean guess who’s the one giving him advice and helping him out when he decides to go shopping…? Yup, good guess. It’s meeee ;) it really makes more sense then, doesn’t it?

No okay, I’m being mean and honestly I’m kidding. Luca does have a great taste when it comes to picking up some clothes and I really do enjoy wearing his stuff as well as you can see! Honestly I sometimes find myself dreaming about us switching roles you know. It just seems SO simple with him. It’s like every single piece in his wardrobe goes with absolutely everything else he owns, everything is super duper flattering on him AND cozy at the same time, you know… It’s like an impossible dream for us girls, right? I am so jealous!

Anyway, so this time it was all about this varsity jacket I found, isn’t it the perfect boyish/sporty/colorful final touch to this outfit? I am so inspired by bomber jackets currently, this one I wore in New York was such a big crush and I’m really considering getting more for the upcoming spring season ;) gotta slow down on the expenses though, Im going a little crazy at the moment… Anyway. Wishing you guys a beautiful Sunday full of loooveeee ;) 

Pictures by Luca Tornese