Zara trench coat / Sandro sandals / Pépit9s earrings / Sandro top / Zara pants / Pépit9s bracelet / Saint Laurent Betty bagCéline sunnies
Here is the second look we shot for swiss jewelry brand Pépit9s! You may have noticed over time that I am not that much of a jewelry girl - I usually keep it super simple, wearing a pair of earrings or a watch on my fanciest days and basically nothing most of the time... It was therefore quite a challenge to style three different looks featuring these beautiful pieces (the collection is so beautiful I wanted to share everything!! I picked my favorite pieces but they are definitely not the most low key as you can see ;)) But I did my best and it was definitely lots of fun! I think it did encourage me to wear more jewelry and to be a little more fancy and daring when it comes to picking them. My absolute favorite way to be fancy jewelry-wise are earrings with a low bun, just like I did in this look. Don't know why but it definitely evokes something glamorous to me ;) I also really really like bracelets, I actually do admire people who create these amazing arm parties so much but can't manage to create some myself... Still gotta work on that ;) So this is it - I hope you guys will like today's pictures (here is my first look for Pépit9s in case you missed it) and I will see you tomorrow with some news!
Much love til then and have a beautiful day you all 
Pictures by Luca Tornese