Today I just wanted to let you guys know about a book I recently discovered and which I am already crazy about! It's called The Body Book and was written by famous actor Cameron Diaz.

I know a lot of you guys were interested in nutrition since the last time I talked about it
I thought this might actually interest some of you...

To be honest I didn't get through the whole book yet but I simply couldn't wait sharing the tip with you...!  I am no huge fan of Cameron Diaz (I mean I love her movies but I didn't buy the book because she was the author, I just really thought it would be interesting... And it turned out to be!)

It's all about learning what's good for your body and also learning how to love yourself and accept your body as it is.

I recently read a quote that said you should work out because you love your body and not because you hate it, and I found this so true and inspiring...

Anyway. I hope you guys will enjoy this little tip and I'm curious to hear about any similar suggestion from your very own bookshelves ;)

Happy Saturday loves 

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