Today I'd like to share with you guys my impressions on Clarins' latest make up collection, called "Colours of Brazil".

As you probably know I am a big fan of the brand and each time they release a new make up line I get excited like a child about discovering it! They always manage to surprise me with new, innovative products.

This time it's all about a colorful, summery make up inspired by beautiful Brazil - a country I've never had the chance to visit but which I am sure is wonderful!

The products I received really did evoke summer and joyful nights, dancing on beaches or exploring the jungle, that kind of things you know? At least that's how I picture it...

Now about the products in themselves:

I have to say that I was slightly skeptical about the blue mascara but it actually turned out to be rather discreet and low key when I put it on! It is definitely not gonna make it to my daily routine but it's a nice way of being a little fancy and festive during the summer.

The lip balm is also pretty great - and it smells like HEAVEN! Seriously guys. Go smell it. It's incredible ;)

Finally, the eye palette is nothing really new but I did like the colors a lot, these shades are quite my usual go-tos when it comes to eyeshadow!

So this is it - I hope you'll like these few shots and don't hesitate to leave a little comment in case you have questions about this new make up line! I'd be happy to help you guys :)

Wishing you all a beautiful day 

Discover more about the collection on Clarins website