Remember a few days ago, when I told you guys that I didn't really like jewelry and that I had trouble wearing them on a daily basis? Well that was not entirely true.
There are actually a few exceptions, some very special pieces that I wear pretty much everyday. These include my beloved Dior earrings (literally wear these Every. Single. Day) and some picks from one of my favorite jewerly designers, Edor.
Those of you who have been following my blog for a while have probably heard of the brand already, as it's been among my favorite for quite a long time. I love how her designs are so simple and delicate, so feminine and yet discreet.
It's that kind of jewelry that I actually like wearing every day. These small, fragile pieces that add a little something to my outfits without making too much of a statement. See what I mean?
What I also like about Edor is the whole experience that she managed to create around her brand. Having a teeny tiny past in graphic and product design I am super picky when it comes to packaging - I believe that a great packaging and branding can go a reaaally long way, and I think Edor is super good on that as well.
Anyway - I hope you guys will enjoy these few shots and I'll see you soon 

All jewelry from Edor