Two weeks ago, Luca and I decided to try a detox eating cure, gracefully provided to us by Private Diet Box (an online healthy eating program delivering in Switzerland and Liechtenstein)
It was honestly pretty hard for me - even though I'm usually super careful about what I eat (this means I eat organic as much as I can, try to avoid fats and sugar, stuff like that) well I'm still a sweet tooth and I actually do enjoy the occasional dessert, if you know what I mean.
Well this detox (as its name suggests) is supposed to make us quit all those bad addictions we have like sugary, or too salty meals you know. And so yeah, it was pretty hard for me to radically say goodbye to my dear friend chocolate for five days in a row but in the end I am happy I did!
It helped me realize what is good for my body and what is not, and it also helped me reconsider the quantity and frequency of what I eat and snack daily.
Now I know these programs can be quite expensive but if you have a strict budget I think it can be a great inspiration to try and recreate something similar at home! (It will probably not be as perfect as the full detox program but won't hurt you!) Here are some of my favorite recipes from my detox week:
  • Detox roll : Cabbages' leaves filled with beans and vegetable
  • Mashed sweet potatoes (amazing discovery!!) with braised endives
  • Fruit compote with mixed nuts (really basic but so nutritive!)
  • Carrot and cucumber sticks with beetroot hummus
Now, would you guys be interested in me trying to recreate one of these and share the recipe with you? If so feel free to let me know and I'll try to channel my inner master chef for you ;)
I hope you will find this post inspiring and I'm looking forward to hearing your feedbacks! Also, as usual: don't hesitate to get in touch in case you have questions about this :)
Have a great day guys 

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