Here's a selection of my 5 must haves for a day (or even a few hours) at the beach. What are yours? Anything you'd add to the list? ;)

1. Some good haircare products
It might not seem like the most important thing to think about when you're headed to the beach,
but some good haircare products are a must! Both salt and sun will damage your hair if you do
not protect them correctly - the longer your holiday lasts, the more careful you should be with your hair!
Kérastase Soleil CC Cream and Aqua-Seal
2. A nice pair of shorts
We all have this part of our body that we're not that comfortable with, don't we? I personally don't like
my hips that much, and I found that wearing my favorite pair of shorts at the beach really helped,
especially during the first hours when I was not that tanned yet :)

3. A good sun cream
I guess you guys know the song: protect the skin you're in! There's really nothing more
important than that. I used this Vichy spray and I found it was great, but maybe a higher factor
would be best for the first few sun exposures of the season.
4. A comfortable towel
Got mine in a light, feminine grey shade and I absolutely love it! Get rid of that good old Mickey Mouse
towel from when you were seven and splurge on a beautiful towel for your summer. You'll love it.
5. Last but not least: a bikini you feel good in
Feeling great in your bikini is highly important at the beach! Take your time and look for the one that
will make you feel sexy and confident.