Some snapshots from our second day in Moscow with SWISS. We decided to walk around the city (I actually hate the underground, I'm super claustrophobic and the less I have to take it, the happier I am)
So we walked from one place to another, which was really nice. I'll let you judge by the pictures, but Moscow actually turned out to have many amazingly beautiful, hidden places! I had kind of figured that the Red Square would be THE breathtaking, touristy thing but there were actually many other incredible things to see!
We also bought and tasted some typical russian pastries at Gastronom n°1, an antique looking supermarket located in huge shopping centre GUM on the Red Square. I am not sure what it was exactly as the names were in russian, but one thing is sure: it was absolutely delicious :)
Anyway, I hope you'll like this post and I'll be back soon with our last pictures from Moscow! We've been working on the new design like crazy for the past few days (it should be live soon, yay!) and I've kind of been neglecting the blog a little bit, but believe me, I'm back on track now :)
Much love you guys 

Sandro shirt (budget version) - One Teaspoon shorts (similar) - Acne top - Belle by Sigerson Morrison boots - Saint Laurent East West tote (in black here)