It's finally hereeee! After months of reflexion, creation, technical issues and aesthetic questioning, well I am finally very very proud and excited to share with you guys an updated version of my blog.

So, what's new?

We now have grids, allowing a better presentation of our previous posts and an easier navigation (if you're in the mood for a good laugh, why not go check the archives? Our oldest posts are veeeery easy to access now - a little too easy if you ask me ;))

We also have a brand new world map, detailing all of our trips in a fun and interactive way (one of my favorite features!)

Another thing is that we now have updated, specific pages for my looks and the various categories, plus a very special one containing all of our videos.

I think this is it! Of course these are only the big changes but there are a lot of new things that I'll let you discover by yourselves!

Sooo, now for the fun part: what do you think about this new design guys? Do you like it?