Being all touristy and stuff in New York during Fashion Week is almost impossible. This season I wanted to do two things in New York: the Top of the Rock observatory and the Staten Island Ferry, from which you have the most beautiful view on the Statue of Liberty. These are my two favorite cliché activities in New York and somehow last season we did not manage to do any of them (because of the cold I assumed) so I thought this time would be the perfect occasion.

But no!! For some reason every time we had a few free hours ahead of us we did not feel like doing anything special at all and always ended up hanging around in the streets or in a park. It's like we just had to stop and relax.

On that day we had planned on going to the Top of the Rock, so we woke up early (my dear photographer boy wanted to catch the morning light, oh sweet pleasures of dating an artist ;)) and went, but then as we arrived there we were like eh, let's not go today.... And so we ended up lounging in Bryant Park instead.

--- I'm wearing:
SWEATER: T by Alexander Wang (budget)
DRESS: Olive Clothing (similar)
BAG: Stella McCartney via Monnier Frères
SLIP ONS: Ash via The Dressing Room 
SUNGLASSES: Céline (budget)

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