This is what my wishlist for fall looks right now – lots of sequins, chunky knits, platform shoes, fringed everything and feminine bralettes.

Find everything below and budget friendly alternatives as well, cause you know, high street brands are pretty good at creating affordable designer inspired pieces.

From left to right, and top to bottom:
SEQUINED SKIRT: Stella McCartney (or budget)
BLACK COAT: Isabel Marant (or budget)
BAG: Saint Laurent (or budget)
EARCUFF: Vickisarge (or budget)
CHUNKY SWEATER: Isabel Marant (or budget)
FRINGED DRESS: Michael Kors (or budget)
SEQUINED SHIRT: Saint Laurent (or budget)
PLATFORM SNEAKERS: Stella McCartney (or budget)
BRALETTE: Saint Laurent (or budget)


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