I’m sure you’ve all heard of it – it’s all over the web. It’s the most expensive nail polish on the market currently but it’s also, more importantly I would say, Christian Louboutin’s first attempt ever at making cosmetics. The first color and only one that is available now is obviously the exact same red as the one on the iconic red soles – you know, so that your nails can casually match your stilettos ;)

I know that 50$ is A LOT for such a tiny little bottle of nail polish but well – I was just too curious to pass. Plus the bottle is pretty much an art piece in itself, it is graciously sitting on my shelf as we speak and it’s honestly super beautiful to look at.

So now, here’s the big question: is this nail polish really worth its price?

In my opinion, it’s a big YES! Not only is it a beautiful home decor piece, as I said previously, but the quality of the polish in itself is also pretty remarkable (and trust me, I own over thirty bottles of nail polishes, ranging from Chanel to YSL, from Dior to O.P.I. I’ve had so many bad nail polish experiences that I kind of know what I’m talking about ;))

So I applied a first layer on a Wednesday (without any base coat)(it’s bad, I know), then applied a second layer on a Friday (without top coat) and it stayed perfectly intact for the following six days! I’ve honestly never seen that. I had read a good review online before trying it but I thought that you know, it was probably from a journalist who went to the launch event and got her mani done by a professional, which as we all know resists always much longer.

But no!! It’s not a myth. This nail polish is genius – totally recommended. (and I was definitely not paid to write this article – I paid my bottle 50 bucks so I swear I’d tell you the truth if I wasn’t happy about it ;))

That’s it. I said everything.

Get your very own bottle of this wonder nail polish right here