I spent the whole day packing for Fashion Week yesterday, and I'm not even done yet.

Do I need to say more? ;)

Okay, I'll say more: there is just so. much. pressure! You have to look amazing all the time, respect all the unsaid conventions, and run from one place to another in an overly crowded city.

But at the same time, Fashion Week is also the most exciting time of the year - I've only been a few times, but every season it literally gives me goosebumps. When you're sitting there, waiting for the show to start (stalking who's there and who isn't, who's sitting front row, who's wearing what - it's pretty interesting) and then the lights go down and the music starts, and then bam. There comes the show. It usually lasts less than ten minutes but it is SO worth it!! It's one of the best things I've ever experienced.

Well ok, maybe I am getting a little too emotional here - but really, Fashion Week is very intense emotionally speaking. And even though, yes, it is stressful to look nice all the time and to permanently rush everywhere, well it is honestly such an amazing experience.

I am incredibly grateful to get to live this and I can't wait to share this season's shows with you guys!!

See you tomorrow New York City!

[teaser post_id="138" title="NYFW - Lacoste FW14 show" label="You may also like:" target=“blank” thumbnail="http://www.tiphainemarie.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/DSC_2263.jpg" excerpt="Yesterday we woke up early and headed straight to the oh-so-famous Lincoln Center in order to discover what Felipe Oliveira Baptista, head designer of Lacoste, had created for the upcoming Fall/Winter season." bgcolor=“#ffffff” ]