Some thoughts on those superstar Dior earrings: I was so happy the day I stumbled across (what they told me was) the last pair they had in stock at the Dior store on Avenue Montaigne. We were in Paris celebrating our anniversary with Luca, it was right before Christmas and those princessy Dior earrings seemed like the most perfect souvenir I could get myself. At the time (almost a year ago) they were definitely not as popular as they are now, and I honestly did not expect them to become so.

I wore them almost everyday for a few months in a row but now I've somehow grown tired of them: so many people have them, and seeing them on every girl makes them kind of less special to me... Not that I have a problem with the fact that other people wear the same stuff as I do, cause this is something inevitable nowadays I guess, but well somehow I got tired of seeing them everywhere.

But the good thing is that these beauties are timeless. That's why I decided to put them away for a while, store them in my jewelry box and I'm sure I'll be happy to take them out again in a few months or years, once the craze has faded.

Do you guys own a pair of these as well? What do you think of this whole "it piece of the season" craziness?