Every time we go to New York, we have to deal with the same question: are we going to book a hotel Uptown or Downtown? The city is kind of divided vertically and each part has a very specific atmosphere.

It's a super tricky question you see. Uptown is closer to a lot of show locations during Fashion Week (including the Lincoln Center) which is not insignificant considering that you always have to struggle with traffic to go to a show. Therefore the closer you are, the better.

But on the other hand, Downtown, at least for me, is way more fun. It's edgier, less touristy, and there are a lots more of interesting shops and restaurants down there. I am a definite Downtown girl!

For some reason though, we ended up booking a hotel Uptown this season. Don't know why. But to my surprise it turned out to be really cool as well, right by Central Park, which is always a nice place to log off for a while and get away from the city's craziness.

The look I am sharing today was shot in Central Park - it is one of the Lacoste FW14 looks I got to wear this season, you might actually have seen it already in the video we realized for the brand in New York.

--- I'm wearing:
SWEATER: Lacoste
SKIRT: Lacoste (similar)
SHOES: Lacoste (similar)
BAG: Lacoste

DSC_8308 DSC_8299 DSC_8261 DSC_8305 DSC_8183 DSC_8273 DSC_8201 DSC_8233 DSC_8277 DSC_8249 DSC_8307 DSC_8176