Tommy Hilfiger is always so inspiring and beautiful!! Each season they create a huge, Hollywood like superproduction, with an incredible setting and a mesmerizing atmosphere you immerse yourself in as soon as you enter the show venue. From the invites to the soundtrack, everything is always perfectly put together and very Tommy.

This season the theme was rock'n'roll circus and I absolutely loved it!! It definitely made my fifteen years old self happy - I used to be really into old rock'n'roll, the sixties, that kind of stuff you know.. And let's just say that models walking with guitars on their back to the sound of The Beatles is kind of unexpected nowadays, and yet so cool and inspiring!

There were also many famous models, including Kendall Jenner and one of my favorite models ever, Georgia May Jagger. We also saw Alexa Chung who was Tommy's official Instagram reporter during the day, and guess what: she's even more beautiful in real life ;)