The Topshop x Zalando international campaign we shot in Berlin last summer is finally out! Here is the result, drumrolls, ta-daa! I was very honored to be one of the six european bloggers chosen for the project (along with the amazing Maddie, Sylvia, Rebecca, Vanessa and Erika). We make a pretty cool girls gang, don't we?

Below you can see my look, I did not get to choose it - it was already there, waiting for me as I arrived in Berlin but I was super happy about it because it feels very me, right?

The whole point of this campaign was to celebrate the launch of Topshop on Zalando. Topshop is finally made accessible at no extra cost for all of us poor european people who usually had to either fly to the UK or wait several weeks for our packages to arrive. No more of this from now on, yay!

Pictures by the incredibly talented Joachim Johnson.