Five wardrobe investments to make this fall. Each time a new season is around the corner, I can't help but consider making a few wardrobe investments. You know, freshen things up a little, add some new key pieces to my already exploding closet... This fall I thought it would be cool to share these with you guys - here are therefore the five wardrobe investments that are, in my opinion, good moves to consider this fall.



You've probably noticed how insanely crazy I got about my new Stella McCartney bag... I think I wore it almost every single day since the day I got it! Getting a new bag for a new season is a smart move, as it will give you the possibility to create more "new" outfits with your already existing fall wardrobe than, say, a sweater would.

The bigger the better! Huge scarves are not only quite trendy at the moment, but they're also a must to survive the colder months of the year. Plus, you can either wear them as actual scarves or as ponchos.


I'm a sucker for black shoes in general, and every fall I treat myself with a new pair of black booties. They have to be simple and classy, but yet have this little something more that will make them special. Mine are from Diesel Black Gold but I really love these ones as well - this budget friendly version is also a good alternative!


I don't know why but to me it feels like fall is THE season to wear watches (I'm weird, I know). Somehow during summer they can be a little uncomfortable if its too hot, and same goes during winter: wearing a watch underneath all those layers of sweaters and coats is definitely not my thing. So... Yay for wearing cool watches during fall!


Black skinny jeans are the best! Just wear them with e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. Once again, make sure to buy some that have a little something special, like some rips or maybe a few zips here and there.

What about you guys? Got any advice on what to invest in this fall? I'd love to hear it!