I'm currently reading a book called How to be Parisian wherever you are, which you've probably heard about as it is all over the web these days... It was written by four real French girls and I have to say that it really is amazing.

I think that having role models, people who inspire you and who you can look up to is one of the most important things to define yourself and become more self confident. I'm not saying that we should just pick someone and copy everything she is doing because this is definitely NOT a good thing (and it's not gonna boost your self confidence either), but you know, having some role models or icons can definitely help when it comes to defining our personal style or general opinions.

I, for example, am the biggest fan of the Olsen twins. It's been years (I used to read their books and watch their movies when I was a teenager) and these two are definitely my style icons. Even though I don't like every single outfit they pull off, I like their style in general and every time I'm not sure wether I like a piece or not I always think "would the Olsen twins wear this?" and then bam, I have an answer. It's definitely not about copying those style icons but more about getting the idea of a general style inspiration.

Do you guys have any style icons or role models?

--- I'm wearing:
DRESS: Ganni (similar)
CARDIGAN: Marc O'Polo (similar)
BOOTS: Nelly
BAG: Vintage Hermès (similar or budget)

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