The minute I saw this skirt, I knew it had a lot of potential.. I wore it in Amsterdam a few weeks back, wore it again on the day we shot these pictures, and almost decided to wear it today! Three times in just a few weeks is pretty big for such a "fancy", kind of special piece.

Wearing skirts with sweaters is one of my favorite things during fall (see here, here or here for an illustration of what I'm saying ;)) I feel like sweaters are the perfect way to dress down classy skirts - as a matter of fact I almost never wear skirts during the warmer months, I guess I just find them too dressed up without long sleeves to balance... Does that even make sense?

Anyway, have a great weekend you guys!! I'll be back on Monday with a new video - I'm so excited for you to see it ;)

--- I'm wearing:
SWEATER: Acne Studios (budget)
SKIRT: Topshop
BOOTS: Diesel Black Gold (budget)
BAG: Stella McCartney

DSC_2516 DSC_2524 DSC_2478 DSC_2471 DSC_2401 DSC_2447 DSC_2532 DSC_2441 DSC_2436 DSC_2485 DSC_2431 DSC_2535 DSC_2427