It's not usual for me to wear total looks - I usually don't like it. Fashion is so much more fun when you mix and match brands, atmospheres, ideas... On that day however, this total TOPSHOP look kind of came together by itself.

I've always been the biggest fan of this lace/knit association, which turned out to be perfect for a chilly fall day in Amsterdam! Wearing skirts during fall is always a little scary right? I mean I personally always wonder wether it will be too cold or not, or maybe if I wear one more layer on the upper part of my body then maybe the skirt is ok, but then maybe not... See what I'm talking about?

Well my experiment on this day was positive: I was wearing three top layers (tshirt, light sweater and then the knit) and only this skirt for the bottom part and it was definitely ok! So I say go for it girls, enjoy going out bare legged while you still can! ;)

I'm wearing:
SWEATER: Topshop
SKIRT: Topshop
SHOES: Topshop
BAG: Stella McCartney via Monnier Frères

DSC_1658 1 DSC_1631 DSC_1611 DSC_1618 3 DSC_1639 DSC_1648 DSC_1652 DSC_1617 2 DSC_1621