Today I'm back with one very last look from Amsterdam! I CANNOT believe it's been two weeks already, somehow it feels like we were there yesterday..! I'm telling you guys, time is FLYING these day!

On a more sartorial note: that bag has been giving me such a hard time lately. You'll never believe what happened: it started loosing its hair!! I find it quite shocking - without any reason there is a huge part that is now completely ripped off on the back (luckily for me, but still). I tried to get in touch with Saint Laurent to see wether they could do something about it and as it turns out, the only solution for me is to ask for assistance in one of their boutiques, now guess what the fun part is? The closest Saint Laurent boutique is either in Paris, Cannes or Milan...

In a way I thought that this was a good excuse to plan a trip to one of these places soon, but still, I'm not quite sure what to think about all this!

Did anything similar ever happen to you guys?

--- I'm wearing:
SWEATER: Topshop (similar)
PANTS: One Teaspoon (budget)
SHOES: Topshop (similar)
BAG: Saint Laurent (similar or budget)

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