Testing Aesop products: my first impressions. As you may have seen, last week Luca and I got invited to the new Aesop store opening in Bern. I was super excited and happy to get to discover the brand and its universe - I did not know a lot about if before going to the event but somehow the brand was very appealing to me.

And I was not disappointed: I haven't tried the products yet but the brand's philosophy and ethics is totally in harmony with my beliefs! They use almost exclusively botanical components in their cosmetics and (something that I really really liked and found more than refreshing) they do not try to sell their products with ads featuring overly photoshopped girls.

See what I mean? I find the cosmetics world to be a twisted one, with those photoshopped, FAKE ads praising what's supposed to be the ultimate new product that will make miracles on your skin.. I kind of hate it. And Aesop is definitely not one of those brands!! They believe that their products are good enough not to need any of those misleading ads, which I found absolutely great and as I said, very refreshing.

So yeah, I got back home with a very good first impression of the brand and a handful of new products to try - believe me, I can't wait to see what the fuss is all about ;) of course I'll be telling you guys more about this in a few weeks!!

So now, what about you? Did you already know the brand? Got any favorite products from them? 

DSC_2194 DSC_2211 DSC_2212 DSC_2198

A product that really made me laugh (very mature, I know), the "Post poo drops" - pretty funny right? I did hear that they were really efficient too ;)

DSC_2192 DSC_2186

The products that match my skin type best (mixed with a tendency to be dry) - the Parsley Seed line.


Aesop even has a line of Animal shampoo, which I found really great! They also have cleansing gels, washing products for your laundry, body lotions, regular shampoos and conditioners... You can basically live your life using only Aesop products - I absolutely love this idea!!

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