Christmas in Paris. Here we are guys, here is the first batch of pictures from my trip to Paris last week! I was invited by Paris Je t'aime (which is actually the city's tourist office) and they took us to a million different places, in order to make us discover a less touristy side of Paris.

Scroll down for a ton of pictures, addresses and dreamy details of a Parisian Christmas!

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Bonton is actually a store for babies and children but their selection was super duper cute! A must visit for all the moms to be, big sisters and aunts. Or maybe just for the pleasure of your eyes :)


On our first night in Paris we did a tour in a vintage bus to see the Christmas lights in the city. The bus was from Le Bus Bleu and I thought it was a super nice experience, maybe to consider for a bachelorette party or a birthday!

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The Galeries Lafayette's upside down Christmas tree was a dream!


On our first night, right after the bus tour we went to eat in a super fancy restaurant called Les Ombres. Not only were the dishes delicious but we also had a stunning view on the Eiffel Tower!

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At Galeries Lafayette Gourmet we got to try many different desserts, obviously they were all super good!


Merci is another concept store that we visited in Le Marais. Perfect for Christmas Shopping, the store is full of little goodies and everything to make your home more stylish.

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The iconic Dior store on Avenue Montaigne.

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L'Eclair de Génie was one of my favorite discoveries during this trip. It was SO yummy!!


The view from the Galeries Lafayette's rooftop - a must if you're in Paris!

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The incredible view from my room at the W Paris Opéra, where we stayed.

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We also visited Alain Ducasse's chocolate factory, a dream come true for all the chocolate lovers out there ;)

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Fleux is the third concept store we went to in Le Marais. Once again, lots of stuff to make your home more homey!


During our little shopping session in Le Marais we were accompanied by a personal shopper from Un jour à Paris. I feel like a personal shopper is definitely an option to consider in case you'd like to make sure you visit the best places in town!

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