So this is my first Berlin Fashion Week look - I wore it to the Dorothee Schumacher show. As you may know it was our very first Berlin Fashion Week and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of it!

It's always interesting to see how Fashion Week influences people's styles in different cities you know, how in some places people dress crazy fancy every single day (Paris and Milan, I'm looking at you) and how in some other places it's more about being slightly more dressed up than usual but always with a casual twist. Berlin was more of this kind and honestly I just loved it!

Hope you guys will like this look and I wish you all an amazing weekend 

--- I'm wearing:
SHIRT: Sandro Men (similar)
COAT: By Malene Birger via Zalando (budget
SCARF: Acne Studios
BOOTS: Steve Madden (similar)
BAG: Stella McCartney 

DSC_7595 DSC_7599 DSC_7613 DSC_7562 DSC_7568 DSC_7614 DSC_7619 DSC_7579 DSC_7597 DSC_7624

The Dorothee Schumacher show was held in a really cool location, kind of like a victorian house with wooden floors and an actual gallery - it was pretty amazing!

We were seated on the gallery, which was absolutely great to see the show (quite an innovative angle) but not so much for the pictures.. Here are a few shots of my favorite looks though, hope you'll like them :)

DSC_7642 DSC_7653 DSC_7657