Let's go on with the Berlin Fashion Week publications, shall we? This is one of my favorite looks that I wore in Berlin, and as I am writing these lines I realize that I did not actually wear it to a particular event or show.. I had planned so but then there was a change of plans (thank you FREEZING Berlin weather)(by the way: I did have a scarf and a coat over that, I just looked more photogenic without all of the layers ;))

So well - I hope that you guys will like this outfit, quite unexpected right? I thought that matching this oh so scandi sweater (that I absolutely LOVE by the way) to my Tommy Hilfiger maxi/classy skirt (that you've seen here) was pretty cool and special.

Perfect for Berlin in other words ;)

--- I'm wearing:
SWEATER: Wood Wood via Zalando 
SKIRT: Tommy Hilfiger (budget)
SNEAKERS: Adidas Superstar
BAG: Stella McCartney

DSC_7724 DSC_7737 DSC_7740 DSC_7748 DSC_7682 DSC_7693 DSC_7733 DSC_7709 DSC_7728 DSC_7750 DSC_7731 DSC_7760