We've been so lucky with winter weather this season. Between our little experience in Gstaad and Verbier a few days ago (where there was snow falling from the minute we arrived to the one we left, almost non stop), well we pretty much got our share of magical winter landscapes and romantic walks under the snow.

Growing up in Switzerland you could think that I'm pretty used to it but EVERY TIME it still gives me goosebumps and I jump around like a child. There's something so special and calming about snow days. I just love them.

Hope these pics will help me share this feeling with you guys! You can also watch the vlog I recorded in Verbier (available at the bottom of this post) for an insight of our experience there :) x

--- I'm wearing:
COAT: Gat Rimon (on sale here)
SWEATER: Blake LDN via Young British Designers
JEANS: Rag & Bone (budget)
BOOTS: Tory Burch (budget)
BAG: Vintage Hermès (budget)

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