So this is the first look that I wore in Paris last week. We had just gotten out of the Christian Louboutin presentation (which was INCREDIBLE by the way, but no pictures allowed unfortunately.. Just imagine some super cool, edgy and innovative new styles with this Loubi touch that makes all of their creations so special)

And so we were at the Louvre, it was warm, it was sunny.. It was Paris. Need I say more? My two Paris videos are also available at the end of the article in case you'd like to see more of what we were up to!

Hope you guys will like this look guys - happy start of the week ♡

--- I'm wearing:
COAT: D.Efect 
JEANS: Rag & Bone (budget)
SNEAKERS: Adidas Stan Smith
BACKPACK: Opening Ceremony via Monnier Frères

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