Today I wanted to share with you something quite special and different - some of you may have noticed that since I started my blog back in 2012 (and even before for the most faithful ones of you, remember about Make it Sparkling? haha ;)) my smile changed quite a lot...

I've been following a dental treatment called INVISALIGN since November 2013 and I thought that sharing this experience might inspire some of you! I'm so so so happy I took a stand and decided to start an Invisalign treatment - I feel way more confident when I smile now and I even got the courage to start doing YouTube videos!

So now, one and a half year later, what could have been more appropriate to share this little experience than a video? Just click play to discover more!

I was neither paid nor given a discount by Invisalign to record this video and write this article. I paid for the treatment myself and decided to talk about my experience in order to maybe help some of you.