For today's article I teamed up with reload to share with you guys the five things I cannot leave behind when I travel :)

So without further ado, here are my five travel essentials:



1 / a small bag for the plane, so that I can have all my essentials with me without having to open my suitcase ten times. I usually like having one big bag that I put in the luggage compartment and a small one that I keep with me. This one is from Givenchy.



2 / my reload perfume. I recently discovered reload and I absolutely love the concept! It's basically a travel size spray that you can either fill with your own perfume or with specifically designed bottles of perfume, from brands ranging from Givenchy to Issey Miyake. The skin is also customizable - you can personalize it with a picture of your choice! And my personal favorite is the discovery box: I think it would make a really nice gift for someone who loves traveling :)


3 / of course: some headphones. The bigger the better. These are from Marshall.


4 / another obvious: my iPhone and vlogging camera! I recently got the iPhone 6s PLUS and I'm in love with it.



5 / and finally, some sunglasses. It may sound silly but even on rainy days, when you get above the clouds it's sunny. Plus, there might be sun where you're going! I'm personally NEVER traveling without my sunnies. These are from Ray Ban.

DISCLAIMER / This post was created in collaboration with reload, however all of the opinions expressed here are 100% mine. I would not have accepted to work on this project if I did not genuinely think it was interesting for you guys or if it did not make sense for my blog.