On Tuesday Luca and I were lucky to attend one of the coolest festivals in Switzerland, Paleo. Being there brought back so many memories – when I was a teenager I used to spend an entire week there every year with my friends, and we had the most amazing time. Paleo is all about two things for me: music and food.

Music wise, this time we got to see two bands that I really like: The Lumineers and Muse. I did know The Lumineers but not very well, you know it’s the kind of band that I liked but would probably not have gone to see live if it was just them. Since they were programmed for the day we went to Paleo we decided to go see them and oh my, they are awesome! It’s the perfect indie sound. Their music made me feel so good and fulfilled.

And then Muse… Muse is one of my all time favorite bands (if not my favorite). I love their music so much. It’s so unique and it is filled with so many emotions. I have no words to describe how they make me feel – somehow their songs go straight to my soul. It’s like I am crying inside, but in a good way, you see. Anyway. Muse was awesome, obviously.

Last but not least: the foooood! Paleo offers SO many possibilities! There are hundreds of stalls to choose from, with food from all over the world. Luca and I went for Indian food – it’s one of our favorites. I guess you got my point: we had an amazing night!

Thank you Paleo for having us, we had lots of fun and we’ll definitely be back next year :)


tee – Sandro / shorts – One Teaspoon / bag – Rebecca Minkoff / boots – Balenciaga (budget)