Planning a trip to Sardegna?

After going on holidays in Sardegna every summer for a few years in a row, I thought it was about time I shared a little guide of my favorite places with you guys!

Here are all my tips, what I do every time I’m on this beautiful island and the little things you shouldn’t miss :)

Have an awesome summer guys ♥


☀ Rena Bianca ☀

Rena Bianca is, in my opinion, the most beautiful beach on Costa Smeralda. The sand is super thin and white, which makes the water even more light blue than on the other beaches. The only downside is the beach bar, which is a bit disappointing compared to the other ones. I’d still recommend going though!


☀ Mama Beach ☀

We had dinner at this place in Pittulongu once and it was gorgeous! Eating with such a beautiful view on the sunset was priceless and very romantic.


☀ Cala Sabina ☀

This beach is a little gem! It’s a bit more difficult to get to than the other ones, but this means that it’s also less crowded. The atmosphere is more calm; the sand is a bit more stony and rough, but despite this little detail in my opinion it is still a great beach. And the beach bar is really cool, offering freshly pressed juices and some light meals in a super laidback atmosphere.


☀ Cala Sassari ☀

This is also one of my favorites! We spent two days on that beach this year because we loved it so much. It’s quite small, which results, in my opinion, in a better, more cozy atmosphere. And then the beach bar is really great – as you can see we even ate there once and it was good! It’s also the beach where we found the most affordable sun beds (30euros in middle season for two of them with an umbrella) HOWEVER make sure to book them in advance if you’d like some!


☀ Gelateria del Molo ☀

This gelateria in Porto Rotondo is a must visit if you’re ever in Sardegna. It’s authentic and the ice creams are super yummy! By the way, an evening stroll in Porto Rotondo is great as well. Super romantic and tinted with holiday scents and sights!


☀ Spiaggia Bianca ☀

Again: cool beach bar, nice atmosphere!


☀ Marinella ☀

This beach offers the best brioches. There’s this place called the Blu Beach (which by the way turns into a sort of open air club from around 8pm on, and for having experienced it with my friends a few summers ago I can tell you that it is GREAT), and besides from the cool clubbing atmosphere they have the best Brioche con Crema EVER. It’s a must try guys. I’m serious.


☀ Clubbing in Sardegna ☀

This year we didn’t go clubbing as it was just the two of us but I have great memories from nights spent out with our friends in Sardegna. Some of the best clubs are located around Porto Cervo and Baia Sardinia. My personal favorites are the Billionaire and the Ritual.


☀ San Pantaleo market ☀

Finally, one of my favorite things to do when we’re in Sardegna is wake up early on a Thursday and go to the local market in San Pantaleo. It’s kind of hippie, and kind of hipster as well. You’ll find fruits, cheese & co, but also some nice silver jewelry, beaded bracelets, beach cover ups, etc! It’s really cool and quite authentic.