As you may or may not have seen on my social media channels, Luca and I headed down to the southernmost region of Italy for a few days. I had never been there and since it is the place Luca comes from, I was pretty damn excited to discover it - plus we were there for a wedding, which made the whole trip even more dreamy.

You will find in this article some of my little tips, my favorite places, the must sees, the things you shouldn't miss if you're ever visiting Puglia. Hope you'll enjoy :)

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☀ First thing: rent a car ☀

I cannot recommend this enough. Having a car (or at least a Vespa) is vital when you're down there, if you want to explore a bit more than the place you're staying in. There are very few possibilities when it comes to public transportation - a road trip is a way better option. Some of the roads on the coast are beautiful!

Luca and I drove all the way down to Santa Maria di Leuca from Gallipoli, and then up the coast again until Otranto. It was a beautiful day, we had lots of fun and made some stops on the road. Santa Maria di Leuca is pretty, there's a lighthouse and a place where you have a lovely view on the village.

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☀ Fiordo del Ciolo ☀

This was probably my favorite place we went to! It's a beautiful fjord with crystal clear water. We stopped there and had a coffee while watching people jumping in the water from the cliffs. It's not the best place to swim in my opinion, as it is quite small and crowded, but it's definitely worth a stop.

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☀ Togo Bay ☀

We spent an entire day there and it was a wonderful idea! It's the best beach club we found in the area: super clean, with comfortable and affordable sunbeds (we paid 10 euros for two of them, without an umbrella though) and the bar offers delicious veggie options, which I was pretty excited about. Finding vegetarian food in Italy is not always easy (my advice on that, if you're vegetarian, would be to check the menus online before choosing a place to eat) - at Togo Bay there were quinoa salads and veggie burgers, which totally made my day! Their fruit plates are also a must.

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☀ Lido Bora Bora ☀

This is another beach that we went to and it was incredibly beautiful. The water was so clear and so blue that I could not believe my eyes.

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☀ Otranto ☀

We made a quick stop there to grab an ice cream and discover the place a bit. It seemed like a lovely place and I kind of wish we could have stayed a bit longer! The ice cream was rad. If you're ever in Italy: Martinucci are the best!

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☀ Gallipoli ☀

Gallipoli is the city we chose to stay in. We had actually booked a small Bed & Breakfast in Lido Conchiglie, which is ten minutes away from the centre of Gallipoli. It's a small beach village and it was absolutely perfect. It was calm and relaxing, and we only had to walk two minutes to be on the beach and watch the most amazing sunsets. Definitely recommended! This is the place we stayed at if you're interested :)

And well, Gallipoli is really nice for an evening walk and dinner. We had dinner there twice, in the old town, and it was very romantic and holiday-y.

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