Last week Luca and I got to discover La Réserve, one of the best and most beautiful hotels in Geneva. From the cozy Nescens spa to the secret passageway leading to a small boat that takes you straight to the centre of the city, from the incredible Chinese restaurant to the homey rooms – everything about this hotel was both well thought and relaxing. We had a lovely time staying there and the fact that it is situated just 5 minutes away from the airport was definitely a plus!

Even if you are not planning on staying there overnight, I feel like La Réserve is a nice place to have a romantic date or a birthday dinner with your family. You can even access the hotel via the lake (15 min boat ride) if you book a table at one of the restaurants or a day at the spa! Believe me, that's a good plan if you want to surprise someone you love ;)

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