Zurich is the place to be in Switzerland – it's the biggest, most energetic city. It's where things happen. Living 2hours away from it, we still have to go quite often for work and it can sometimes be tricky to do everything in one day and go back home at night. Last week we were invited by Redken for a hairstyling workshop and by Dior for an exclusive event in their Film Festival Suite. We decided to combine the two and stay in Zurich overnight, and got the chance to stay at one of the trendiest places in town: the Marktgasse hotel.


T H E / H O T E L

The Marktgasse is perfectly located – in the old town, minutes away from everything you need in the city centre, from the shops and restaurants to the pharmacy (the blisters on my feet were really thankful for that) The hotel is built in a way that makes you feel at home, the hallways are small and cozy, there's a drinking water fountain near the elevator, and the reception is spacious yet very calm.


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T H E / R O O M

Our room was super stylish and homey. Even though I travel a lot, I'm often anxious when I'm away from home – the place I'm staying at is therefore really important for me. During our stay in Zurich I felt very relaxed and I am sure it is due to the atmosphere of the Marktgasse and to our cozy room.

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T H E / F O O D


We had lunch and breakfast at Delish during our stay and it was so good! It's a takeaway that is open to everyone (not just the clients of the hotel) and I was happy to find many vegetarian options. And guess what: it was delish!


We also had the chance to try Baltho, which is the classier restaurant, for dinner. Again, everything we ate was really good! Special mention to our waiter who was super sweet and funny – he even brought us a supersized slice of apple cake when he found out we were going to share it ;) Thumbs up!


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I was invited by the Marktgasse to discover their facilities, but the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.