all the brands and products I fell in love with in 2016.


- La Mer -

I honestly just recently started using La Mer products but oh my oh my, I'm in love big time! I am currently using the original Creme de la Mer as well as their new Revitalizing Hydrating Serum and it has made a huge difference on my skin - it feels softer and more deeply hydrated, plus the product seem to have helped clear out the few blemishes I had.


- Redken -

I don't even know where to begin with this brand.. I started using their products in the summer and now they're pretty much everything I use. My hair feels incredible and it seems in a much better state of health than it was at the beginning of the year! A big heart with my hands for this awesome brand.


- Bobbi Brown -

Bobbi Brown is another brand I fell in love with recently. Of course, I knew the name but until recently I had never tried their products. They invited me to their counter in Zurich and I got to discover more about the brand's values and of course, about their iconic products, and let's just say that Bobbi Brown now has a very steady place in my make up bag! They have a very wide range of shades for their products, which makes it a LOT easier to find the perfectly matching foundation. I'm in love with mine and haven't used another one since the day I got it.


- Rituals -

I love love love Rituals, and particularly the new lines that they launched in 2016. I feel like they did a slight rebrand, their new packaging is classier and a bit more trendy in my opinion. Their Christmas line was the dream, and I can't wait to see what they have in store for 2017! Also wanted to mention their advent calendar, which is honestly one of the best ones I had this year.


- Dior -

I was very lucky to start working with Dior in 2016 - they invited me to their Zurich Film Festival Suite and I got the chance to learn some great make up tips from Michelle Fischer, the official Dior make up artist for Switzerland. Not only was she the sweetest person ever, but she also showed me some great techniques and explained more about the Backstage Pro Line, which I then fell in love with. I love how innovative Dior make up is at the moment.


- Marc Jacobs -

This is again a great make up discovery for me! I found my absolute favorite mascara of all time at Marc Jacobs (Velvet Noir <3). Plus I love their packaging, love the brand in itself and the other products that I got to test were really good as well! So happy I finally got to try this brand in 2016.


- Aesop -

Aesop doesn't really need to be introduced anymore. It's the best brand when it comes to natural skin care products - I've been a fan for years and I still am! Their hand cream is the dream!


- Young British Designers -

I've been working with this really cool website for a few years now (they were actually one of the first real brands to trust me, back in the days when I was a baby blogger) and oh my, all the feels! Their selection of products is insane. I've had quite a few bad quality and customer service experiences with big luxury brands and I can tell you that it was never ever the case with the designers you find on this website. The quality is incredible, always, the designs are super unique and the service is on point! Love love love YBD.


- Revolve -

Revolve has one of the best selection of trendy brands at the moment! All the coolest styles, the must have pieces: you'll all find them on Revolve :) my personal favorite has to be Tularosa!


- favorite shoes: my Balenciaga boots -

If there's one thing I do not regret investing into in 2016, it's my Balenciaga buckle boots. They were a bit too sturdy at the beginning but now they fit perfectly and I honestly wear them every other day!


- Stella McCartney -

I also really wanted to mention Stella McCartney, because of both her designs and values. Over the years the brand has become one of my favorite ones, and I'm always craving some new styles! Plus the quality holds up really well, and the price point is a bit lower than some other designers.


- Alexander McQueen -

How could I not mention my favorite designer of all time? I've loved Alexander McQueen for as long as I can remember (or as long as I've been interested in fashion) and this year I think they did particularly well with the designs. I also finally acquired a McQueen handbag and so far it's been perfect! Not a single scratch and believe me, I wear it LOTS.


- jewelry: Chupi, Ora Pearls & Adeline Affre -

Jewelry wise, these are the three brands that I loved most in 2016. I find it quite difficult to find affordable, yet good quality jewelry, especially online. I've had bad experiences with rather pricey brands, with necklaces and bracelets that broke just a few days after I got them... and these three brands (Chupi, Ora Pearls and Adeline Affre) have all proven to have a very high quality, plus their designs are really cool :)


- Juniqe prints -

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram you probably know that Juniqe is my go to online store for prints. I love love love everything they do and again, the quality is awesome! This year they also brought out an advent calendar with 24 different prints, and I thought the idea was really cool.


- Marktgasse hotel in Zurich -

One of the best hotels I visited in 2016 (and believe me I do travel quite a lot) is definitely the Marktgasse hotel in Zurich. Everything about this place is perfect: the design of the room, the overall atmosphere, the Aesop products (yes you read well) and above all the friendliness of the staff, who instantly make you feel at home.


- Maria Tash -

Finally, I wanted to mention Maria Tash, where I got my ears pierced in 2016. After a terrible experience here in Switzerland it was a relief to have someone professional, who knew what they were doing, piercing my ears. The jewelry is quite pricey but honestly it's the best quality, and I personally haven't changed them since I got the piercings! Definitely worth the money in my opinion - I'll probably be back in 2017 for more ;)

I wish you guys a happy end of 2016, and see you in 2017 <3 lots of love!