I feel like this year more than ever it's important to give back, to spread some love, to help the world as much as we can even if it is through small actions. This Christmas I wanted to share with you a list of gifts that will not only make your friends & fam happy, but that also help making the world a better place:

  1. You guys know how much I love Harry Potter - well by purchasing one of these special edition bracelets a part of the money that you spend will go back to Lumos, the charity created by J.K. Rowling.
  2. Love this line of jewelry that is handmade in Cambodge! 10% of their profit is used to fight human trafficking in Cambodge.
  3. This towel is one of the many gorgeous Christmas gifts that you can purchase from the WWF gift shop.
  4. These beautiful candles from The Starling Project help providing solar energy to communities in need all around the world.
  5. UNICEF has some lovely Christmas cards this season! and so do Save The Children.
  6. Lush has always been a very engaged brand as well, they fight on many fronts and by purchasing something from them you can support their actions!
  7. Again something for the Potterheads out there! The money made from the sales of The Tales of Beedle the Bard is also donated to Lumos.
  8. MAC gives back all the money they make from their Viva Glam lipsticks to the MAC aids fund.
  9. This is another cute idea, especially for kids: you can adopt an animal from an endangered species with WWF! You can also sponsor shelter animals with 30 millions d'amis or make a donation to an animal charity like Four Paws for example.
  10. Finally, The Doll Kind gives a doll to a child in need for every purchase! It's a really cute gift and you can make two children happy with one gift. In the same idea, TOMS also has a "one for one" policy on their products.
  11. They don't have a gift shop at the moment but Greenpeace is also an organisation that should be supported in my opinion!

Hope this gave you some inspiration for your xmas shopping guys! Lots of love <3