For the third time, Calvin Klein challenged me to create a series of images around one of their beautiful watches. It’s always a pleasure for me to be working with such an iconic brand, and I have to say that the theme is a rather easy one!

Taking the time to do things that we love is so precious nowadays. Taking time for ourselves, away from the many distractions of the 21st Century, is of the highest importance in my opinion. Last spring I told you all about my love for reading and this time I wanted to share my pampering routine. Even though I’m more of the natural make-up and hair kind on a daily basis, I sometimes enjoy getting a bit fancier. I love dressing up for events, be them family dinners or parties with my friends. I love taking the time to get ready, to choose my outfit and to do my make up.

I feel like it’s a moment that is just for me, you know. I put on some cool music, make myself a little tea and take the time to appreciate the moment and get ready in a peaceful atmosphere.

As you can see I was of course wearing my gorgeous Calvin Klein ‘Light’ watch - I have both the silver and gold version and I have to say that I love them like crazy!


watch Calvin Klein light - jewelry Calvin Klein

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in collaboration with Calvin Klein

these images were shot at Chateau d'Ouchy in Lausanne