When I was younger I used to go skiing in the mountains every single weekend during the winter. I guess it's something many people in Switzerland do, and I'm lucky to have parts of my family living in the mountains as well as a small chalet, which makes it a lot easier to be on the slopes as soon as the ski lifts open in the morning (usually at 9 am).

Recently I've been going a bit less, I travel abroad quite often and even when I'm in Switzerland over the weekend, I usually have lots of work to do at home. Last weekend however, we decided to take a few days off to go skiing again, and it felt incredible! There's nothing like being outdoors in the snow for an entire day (especially when it's sunny) I had missed being in the mountains and I made a promise to myself I would go more often.

It was also the perfect occasion to shoot a few images of our new ski gear - as you guys may remember from this post I am working with sportswear brand ODLO this year and they were kind enough to provide both Luca and I with new ski equipment. What I love about my new ski clothes is that they are both super warm and really light. Needless to say that I've never felt so fancy while skiing :)

Anyway! I hope you guys will like these few images - nothing beats the feeling of freedom and the happiness you feel when you're up there in the mountains. Lots of love!


Me: Odlo cocoon jacket - Odlo midlayer jacket - Odlo ski pants
Luca: Odlo jacket - Odlo midlayer jacket - Odlo ski pants

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in collaboration with Odlo

these images were shot at Les Marécottes - my absolute favorite <3