You guys may not know this but when I was younger I went through a crazy sartorial phase in my life, where I wore lots of extravagant things. I had quite a unique style at the time (I'm talking mini skirts over ripped jeans, tons of colorful jewelry, bows, tutus, etc) My friends make fun of me and keep saying I was emo but in my head it was much more experimental (and fashion forward) than that. I just loved trying out new things, I loved dressing up and rummaging through my grandma's closet for cool vintage stuff to wear. Either way, the point is that since that period I've always seen fishnet tights as a really cool fashion statement, and I'm super happy they are back on trend!

Fishnets are not that easy to wear on a daily basis but they are so fun and add so much coolness to basic outfits. The best thing to do if you wanna wear them without being too eye catching is to show a little bit of them, by associating them with over the knee boots or ripped jeans.

I hope you guys will like these few shots and I wish you all a gorgeous day! x


dress Ralph Lauren via Zalando - vest Lipsy via Zalando - boots Stuart Weitzman via O.F. Ausoni (budget) - bag Stella McCartney (similar) - sunglasses Ray Ban - fishnet tights Asos

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