road trip part two

the grand canyon


You know those moments in life that make you feel alive? Well flying over the Grand Canyon was definitely one of them.

When Luca surprised me on my birthday with a voucher for a helicopter ride in either Los Angeles, Las Vegas or the Grand Canyon National Park, I instantly knew that I wanted to fly over the Grand Canyon again. I had already done it once with my parents a few years ago and even though some people would probably do these kind of things only once and then be like 'oh yeah, i've already done that', I personally desperately wanted to reiterate the experience.

There's nothing quite like it. Once you take off it takes about 5-10 minutes to actually get to the Canyon, and when you finally see it approaching it honestly brings tears to your eyes. I know I tend to repeat myself with this but honestly, it really does remind you how powerful mother nature is and how lucky we are to be living on this planet. It's a humbling experience, the kind of experience that puts you in a state of peaceful gratitude and fills your eyes with sparkles.

ps YES we did see some WILD elks on our way to the canyon, needless to say it completely made my day! seeing wild animals in their natural habitat is so much cooler than seeing them behind bars. #nomorezoosplease

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