We almost didn't make it to this beautiful (kind of) deserted beach near Malibu, and oh my what a mistake it would have been! We had already been driving for four hours, all the way to LA from Las Vegas, and we were about to hand our lil car back at LAX airport. We decided to go to Malibu Farm for a quick snack with a view and we were this close to going back but then we decided to drive the extra 20 min on the iconic Pacific Coast Highway to this breathtaking place, a decision that we did not regret for a second.

Somehow we got there at golden hour (Luca would tell you it's the absolute best time of the day for pictures) and honestly, despite the fact that there were quite a few photoshoots going on, it was still a beautiful, calming place where we once again felt super connected to mother nature.

There's nothing quite like walking on a cliff and suddenly coming across a view like this one, with huge waves crashing on the rocks underneath you and a few birds flying into the sunset. Moments like these remind me how lucky we are to live on such a beautiful planet.


shorts One Teaspoon (similar) - sneakers Vans via Zalando - sweater Missguided via Zalando - backpack Burberry (budget here or here)

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